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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembering Sparky F. Spaulding

Today is a sad day at hour house. One year ago today, my Bro, Sparky went over the Bridge.
I'm posting his biography as it was written by my Daddy:

Sparky (aka “Shrimpo”) Frosty Spaulding 1997 – March 19, 2010

Sparky passed away on March 19th at the age of 13. Sparky entered our lives on July 16, 1997 at the age of 6 months, when one of our 1st “clients” dropped him off to take care of him for 2 weeks. Ron was perhaps the 1st to hold him with love when he entered the house and from that moment on he was infatuated with Ron. The luckiest break of his young life and ours was when the client didn’t pick him up 2 weeks later and disappeared from contact. Sparky had already integrated himself into the family with his warm and lively personality and his show dog good looks and there wasn’t even a decision on whether to keep him. We renamed him Sparky due to his happy personality and his fresh start on life.

Sparky always entertained us with his funny and quirky personality. Sparky played constantly throughout his life with his sister Chi-Chi. He had great respect for his much older sibling Chupy, but would playfully attack her whenever she came in from the outside. He also loved his “Uncle” Riki Ming Toi and would amazingly hold his own when the 2 much larger Shih Tzu’s (Chi-Chi and Riki) would playfully gang up on the little guy. When Leo T. joined the family in November 2000, Sparky immediately took a fatherly liking to him, a close relationship that would remain for the rest of his life. They (Sparky, Chi-Chi and Leo) became such a close family surrounded by a circle of love. When little “Uncle” Danny G. joined their extended family in August 2009, Sparky was so patient and welcoming of him on our trips to Glenview.

As much as he loved his siblings, he lavished us with his attention and uniqueness to the point of obsession. Without any training, he would follow laser like behind Ron’s right heel and without a leash when we would go on our many walks. He was fearless with his loyalty, even following Ron into Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico. If Ron was home, you could easily find Sparky at his side, on his lap, or resting on his shoulder. Sparky would sense when Ron was ready to leave the house, and would serenade him with his happy barks, nervously munch on some bits of food, and then await his return in the front window. He was so feisty when he had something in his head and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

We enjoyed many wonderful trips with him including Wisconsin Dells, Galena, Door County, Mackinaw Island, downtown Chicago, 2 trips to Florida, and many boat rides on Lake Michigan and Lake Geneva as well as the shoreline walks. He was a member of the 3 pack of “rock stars” that got attention everywhere we went, and it was he who children would always want to pick up and hold. The threesome would love their summertime visits to TCBY, where they would enjoy their yogurt together and get lavished with attention from others. He loved his days at the spa (groomer), and would somehow sense it early in the morning and follow Amalia until she would pick him up to leave.

Despite being 13, we were mesmerized by his youthful looks and personality that he retained throughout his life. His body was laid to rest at Aarrowood Pet Cemetery next to Chupy, Teddy, and Riki Ming Toi.

He will be so missed by his family, and will remain in our hearts forever.
I'm Still Here

Friend, please don't mourn for me

I'm still here, though you don't see.

I'm right by your side each night and day

and within your heart I long to stay.

My body is gone but I'm always near.

I'm everything you feel, see or hear.

My spirit is free, but I'll never depart

as long as you keep me alive in your heart.

I'll never wander out of your sight-

I'm the brightest star on a summer night.

I'll never be beyond your reach-

I'm the warm moist sand when you're at the beach.

I'm the colorful leaves when fall comes around

and the pure white snow that blankets the ground.

I'm the beautiful flowers of which you're so fond,

The clear cool water in a quiet pond.

I'm the first bright blossom you'll see in the spring,

The first warm raindrop that April will bring.

I'm the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine,

and you'll see that the face in the moon is mine.

When you start thinking there's no one to love you,

you can talk to me through the Lord above you.

I'll whisper my answer through the leaves on the trees,

and you'll feel my presence in the soft summer breeze.

I'm the hot salty tears that flow when you weep

and the beautiful dreams that come while you sleep.

I'm the smile you see on a baby's face.

Just look for me, friend, I'm everyplace!

Author Unknown

Thank you for your time,


Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Aw, Neeko, the poem is bootiful. Made my hooman tear up. Sparky seems like a bunch of fun to be around with. & he looks so adorable too!

Bootiful tribute to Sparky...


Frankie Furter said...

I totally agree with what Pepsi said.
Oh the lovely memories you have of Sparky. Thank you for sharing them with us Neeko.

K9 + Grace said...

Hi Neeko, I am so sorry that Sparky is gone. It can be very painful. You and your family have created a beautiful tribute for him!


Mollys Momma said...

Ohhh Neeko what a truly beautiful tribute to Sparky, he sounded a lovely little guy . The love just shines out in every word of your post. The poem had me welling up it was just perfect.
I am so glad you and your family have such wonderful memories to treasure

Momma Tea
xxx x xxx

Minna Krebs said...

What a wonderful tribute.......God bless Sparky!

Pup Fan said...

Sending you some hugs!

Mr. Pip said...

I am so sorry I didn't get to meet Sparky. He sounds like a most wonderful dog and I am sure your family misses him SO MUCH! This was a beautiful tribute ...I know dear Sparky is watching over all of you.

Your pal, Pip

K9 + Grace said...

Hi Neeko! I just wanted to let you know that your Inspirational message post has inspired me to have an inspiration series on my blog! Every Sunday we are going to post an ispiring Bible verse with a pretty picture! Just thought I would let you know! :)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

He'll always be there!

As I always paw, not furever...just fur now!


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! What a wonderful tribute to Sparky. For sure you guys have precious memories of Sparky ... he'll be with you forever. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Jon Terry said...

Sparky sure is a dog with a big heart and he has made such huge impact upon the whole family.
This certainly is a lovely tribute and yes! Sparky has never left coz he's always in your heart :)

Neeko, thanks for sharing this with us.

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Genista Gold Milaika said...

What a lovely tribute to Sparky! Beautiful poem.Sparky will always be in your heart. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us.
Princess Kisses

Anonymous said...

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