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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My very first Independence Day

I'm all pumped today since it is my very 1st 4th of July.
My parents told me how blessed I am to be an American (made in U.S.A.)

I guess I'm not going to go to the fireworks after all because my Daddy is concerned that the loud noises might make me jump out of my fur. Bummer... I was reaaaally looking forward to getting in some good barks during them with good excuses.
I'm not too pleased about the weather either since we got cheated from going to the park with my Sis. and Bro. this afternoon.

I was all excited to see my girlfriend, Tuffy, though. She stopped by with her Mommy and we kissed and wished each other Happy 4th of July. She told me that she is really scared by fireworks and they were going to just stay home this evening.
My Mommy reminded her Mommy about the Rescue Remedy spray and she was very happy.

Well, that is all for now, got to run! I think my Mommy is going to feed us soon, I hope...

Signing off...


Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Nice job, Neeko. Love the colors in your blog. Pink was the best they had when I set mine up and Mom's afraid to change...thinks it might mess up my posts. We have over 1100 now. lavender for me. That widget that tells you where people come from that read your blog is everly so much fun. It's amazing to see what countries come to visit. You might also want to join "Dogs with Blogs" (see link on my page). They are a very kewl group. I just LOVE them. I've been a member ever since I was a baby. I think I was their 13th member and now they have HUNDREDS.

Love ya...

Neeko said...

Thank you Gorgeous!

I LOVE the colors on your blog; hope you never change them! They are so YOU ☺
Also thanks for the tips... I got the idea of Live Traffic Feed from you ;-) and I agree, it is sooo cool!
I'll also look into "Dogs with Blogs".
You are the Best!!!
Loving you...♥
P.S. We watched the fireworks from New York and they were AWESOME