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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flying summer...

Oh boy! I was going to tell you about last week but all I remember is that it was hot, mosquitoes and humid... :o(

My parents took us to the concert in the park one evening but do not ask me what they sang or played because we were too preoccupied with the little kids coming to greet us and with our Mommy spraying left and right with Lavender and Marigold.
A little sweet girl kept running away from her Mommy to be with us :o) she was sooo cute!

That was fun!

On the home court, same old same old: my Bro and I saying "Hello" to everybody going by, actually I do most of the "talking". Leo only chimes in when he sees our four-legged friends go by :o)
You have to see this video clip:
My Mommy caught me shredding paper towel; I thought she had the camera on Leo. I saw the paper just laying there and went for it. Why is it sooo much fun to shred paper???

On Sunday we visited with my Nana, Danny G. and our Aunt Shirley & Uncle Roger. They come to visit my Nana once a month from Wisconsin.
I love them! Aunt Shirley "rescued" my Bro from Danny's play zone by holding him on her lap and he was in Heaven.
Danny was as enthusiastic as ever and we played the entire time. He really has a very good heart because he is letting me take cheweez from him.
My Sis likes him very much too. He teases her and she chases him around :o)
On the way home we were zonked from all the fun.

Tomorrow, my Bro & I are going to help Auntie Alicia clean.
My Sis has her Spa day. What a shock that she will not be home to help ;o)

I better go now because I have to floss and then put all my chews away for tomorrow...

Neeko :o)
P.S. The joke of the day:
~A man walking down the street noticed a small boy trying to reach the doorbell of a house. Even when he jumped up, he couldn't quite reach it. The man decided to help the boy, walked up on to the porch and pushed the doorbell. He looked down at the boy, smiled and asked, "What now?"
The boy answered, "Now we run like crazy!" ~


Mr. Pip said...

I LOVE shredding paper towels! Must be a little dog thing! I also really like kids. Sounds like we have lots in common!

Your pal, Pip

Amy Holder said...

Neeko - you're so lucky that you & your siblings get to go to concerts!!! And I'm sure those kids just loved you! The video was adorable, btw! You are a pro paper towel shredder... and Leo sounds just like my Spencer when he tugs. :)

Neeko said...

Mr. Pip ☺
Thanks for checking in...
Oooo, so good to learn that you do work the paper towel too. You know exactly the feeling then.
Maybe we should get together for dinner sometime. We like to go downtown a lot to the Oak Street Beachstro. Check it out: or maybe we could meet on the dog cruise that my family does every summer in late August, early September. I hear from my siblings that is great fun. Here is the link:

Neeko ☺

Neeko said...

Hey Amy ♥

Welcome back to my blog ☺
Your baby Spencer is sooo cool looking... He does have a slight resemblance to my Bro (the smooched adorable face)
My Mommy says that when Leo was born, God put His palm flat on his face and said that he will live his life being kissed a lot by his forever parents ;o) and you know that God is always right!

Neeko ♥

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Neeko - OK, I just found these links. I have heard about the dog cruise and it sounds fun - though I am a little shy so I might be scared.

Your pal, Pip

P.S.: You would probably run circles around me as I am 12.5!

Neeko said...

Hey Mr. Pip :o)

So I hear from my Bro & Sis.
My Mommy put it on her schedule for Sunday, August 29th. Cannot wait... It will be my first one :o)
I'm a very friendly little guy so I would be very careful if you are shy. My Sis is 14 years young and she LOVES boys so you would probably have to watch out for her ;o)
My Bro Leo is kind of aloof with strangers. He usually checks you out and that is about it. I just wiggle around furry friends out of joy.
I hear that all the furry babies are very relaxed on the boat and nobody ever acts out.
My family started doing this back in 2002 and it became tradition.
If you change your mind, give me a shout; if not, you will see it on my blog and maybe next year then of you like what you see :o)

Stay cool,
Neeko :o)