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Monday, August 30, 2010

Doggy Boat Cruise on Lake Michigan...

Wow! I'm still on Cloud 9 from yesterday :o)
First off, I would like to send out a Big Thank You! to all my new friends that joined me and my family, on my 1st doggy cruise.
Mr. Pip you are Awesome! Miss Josie, let's just say that my Bro, LeoT is in love...
Miss M. and Mr. B. you are both very cool :o)

The happy group: Miss M. and Mr. B. with their humans, Mr. Pip with his Mommy, Miss Josie with her folks and of course me with my family :o)
Mr. Pip with his Mommy, Miss Josie with her Mommy and Miss M. in the back
Handsome Mr. Pip contemplating on their secret Gator mission which I had no clue about; I guess they were concerned that I might spill the beans in my enthusiasm.
Miss Josie is his secret partner...
Mr. Pip was telling Miss Josie that is was time for action. Miss M. in the back, asked what was going on???
Mr. Pip: "Josie! hold my hand and you will be alright! Miss M. you be on the look out!"
Meanwhile, our humans were oblivious to the whole thing just taking pictures and enjoying the view...
My Sis said: "I better get a gourmet lunch for this pose!"
My Bro was looking into Miss Josie's disappearance...
Danny G. was looking for his girlfriend, Emma...
She is really sweet but only has eyes for Danny G.
There she is with her Mommy still looking for her boyfriend...
I was telling my Mommy that Miss Josie and Mr. Pip are missing...
Even Miss M. and Mr. B noticed their absence...
My Sis was still pouting over the Anakin Man not making the cut for the cruise (Anakin is Miss Josie's very good looking Bro)
I was getting very concerned about agent 007 and his partner not coming back yet...
My Bro wanted to look cool for Miss Josie's return
Finally! Mr. Pip is baaaack... He told me that Miss Josie and him were looking for Gators in Lake Michigan but did not see any. They kept it a secret because did not want the humans to panic.
 I said cool, but had no clue what a Gator was...
Later, my Daddy explained to me what the lost creature was and how it made the news.
Well, good think it did not cross our path because us Yorkies can be pretty ferocious if provoked.

Back to the fun...
Check out Miss Josie's pose next to Mr. Pip
She was thrilled about the accomplished mission and I was still in disbelieve about the lack of trust... Oh! well, maybe on our next adventure.
Check out the pose on Danny G. Thanks to Mr. Pip's Papa who is a great photographer :o)
All good things must come to an end :o( Back on land...
I think here, Miss Josie agrees to be LeoT.'s Girlfriend ;o)
LeoT. in love on the way home...

Well, this doggy boat cruise was one for the books for sure!
Big Thanks to everybody that contributed to my wonderful time and also grateful to my Daddy who drove us downtown. He is amazing driving in the city; always very patient on the road! Love you Daddy :o)
Signing off,
a very happy Neeko :o)
P.S. Today's joke:
~ Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late for work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed. Tom slept well, and in fact, beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work.
"Boss", he said, "The pill actually worked!"
"That's all fine," said the boss, "But where were you yesterday?" ~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday evening with Nana & Danny G.

My parents had a date with some of their human friends and ask my Nana if she was available to paw sit.
She said sure, without knowing what she was agreeing to...
This was the first time they left me with her and her boy :o)
By the time my parents got back she looked exhausted.
I was a good boy though because they caught me sitting nicely on her lap while nutty Danny was still bouncing up and down :o))) I swear that guy must be on caffeine or something.
She told my Mommy that the job was bigger than anticipated. Danny never stopped running around and of course I had to follow his lead because it is his house and he knows the routine. Apparently we were so rowdy that she was not able to take personal phone calls.

Sorry Nana... I understand now why my siblings told me that the best place to have fun is your house. I love you Nana ♥ You are the BEST!!!
These were taken before my parents left:
Well, Thank you Nana, I'll have that bone!
These plants sure smell good...
Calmer Danny G.

I love checking out my Nana's backyard...

Danny reaaaally likes me...

I forgot to mention that before going down to visit with them, I visited my Girlfriends, Zoe and Anastasia. I love visiting with them because they are always sooo gentle with me and sooo sweet.

Miss Zoe "Glamour Girl"
Zoe kissing Anastasia

Can one be in love with two or more Girls at the same time??? I guess it depends who you ask...

Today I took it easy because tomorrow is the BIG day... the doggy cruise on Lake Michigan. Yay!!! Cannot wait to meet my new friends: Mr. Pip, Josie, Miss M. & Mr. B
My Mommy packed everything for the cruise (Treats, Bottled water, Sunglasses, Hats, Outfits, Towels, Kleenex, Wipes, Bags, Leashes and the Camera; we got to have the Camera for pictures and videos)
I'll tell you all about I promise!

Got to go to bed because if you all remember, I'm not a morning guy...
Neeko :o)
P.S. Today's joke:
~ The fire department was called to the scene of a large fire. One truck arrived well ahead of the others, with the driver speeding through the streets. He quickly doused the flames.
At a dinner given in the fireman's honor, the mayor gave a speech about how he had saved the building, as well as those around it, by getting there so fast and extinguishing the fire.
“What can we give you to show our gratitude for your work?” asked the mayor.
“Brakes!” replied the fireman. ~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer weekends are sooo much fun...

Hello again!

My weekend was filled with fun stuff :o)
On Saturday I did not do much other than the usual: window guarding and playing with my family.

I swiped this baby jar from my Bro :o)))

Sunday was super cool!
We had a great outing at the Glen in Glenview where they have a very nice lake to walk around. It has ducks & geese and kind people were feeding them.
Also the water lilies are so beautiful my Mommy says; they do not do much for me though.
We walked for about 3 miles. My Sis did pretty good too; she walked for about 1mile on and off. My parents can always tell when she likes to be put in her stroller because she starts to drag her tail. She was never the athletic one, I'm told.

Afterwards we had dinner at the RA Sushi Restaurant. We always have fun time dining out because friendly humans stop by to say, “Hello” and they tell us about their four-legged babies.

LeoT. to our waitress: "I'll have the Ahi Tuna with the porcini mushrooms please!"
My Sis said: "Shhh... baby sleeping..."
This time, a nice lady really liked my Sis' stroller and asked where we got it from (Petsmart in case you were wondering).
It is blue because it belonged to my Sis' boyfriend who was also a Shih Tzu but went over the Rainbow last June at the age of 13 :o(
They grew up together and both came from the same place when they were babies. He was my Nana's boy and his full name was: Lucky Riki Ming Toi Ewok Spaulding.
The reason he had so many names is because when they got him, the members of our family, liked different names for him. So to please everyone, my Nana kept them all and Ming Toi never seemed to mind ;o)
You can see how my Sis was infatuated with him...

Ming Toi in his modeling years...Always such a good sport about everything...

To conclude the evening, we went to the Dairy Bar for ice cream.
It is always jam-packed over there so my siblings waited in the car while we where in line.

I ordered me a Large Vanilla Shake with Wip cream on top ;o)

Tomorrow is my Spa day! Yay!!!
I'll be all ready for this coming Sunday when we will have our annual doggy boat cruise on Lake Michigan.

To all my Chicago area friends, if you are interested, here is the link where you can learn more about it:
My family does this once a summer every year and I hear it is lots of fun. They started with the summer of 2002. Cannot wait. Here are some pictures from previous years...
My Mommy with my late Brother, Sparky 2009
My Daddy with my Sis, Bro & Danny G. 2009

August, 2009

My Daddy with my Bro 2008
My Nana with Ming Toi and my Sis

Got to go now because my Mommy is about to give us dinner.


Neeko :o)
P.S. Today's joke:
~ Betty was looking for a new RN position, as she was unhappy with her current job. She was certain she'd have no trouble finding a new position, due to the extent of the nursing shortage in her area.
She emailed cover letters to dozens of potential employers and attached her resume to each one. Three weeks later, Betty was wondering why she had not received even one request for an interview.
Finally she received a message from a prospective employer that gave an answer to her dilemma. It read: “Your resume was not attached as stated. I do, however, want to thank you for the wonderful fettuccine alfredo recipe.” ~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jokes are funny as long as their are clean...

Jokes are good to send but ALWAYS make sure they are not "spicy"!

I learned this the hard way.

My Mommy admits that it was totally her fault. She LOVES multitasking and did not pay good enough attention to my joke on Tuesday. It went out and it boomeranged...

Yesterday I did a lot of soul searching and contemplated on how to prevent blunders like this from ever happening again.
Last thing I want, is to make my wonderful friends uneasy about my jokes.

A special Thanks goes out to my wonderful Girlfriend, Mary-Margaret who sent me her thoughts when I was in the "dog house".

She said: 'Scuse me? I LIKE reading little Neeko's jokes even if some DO make me blush. Mom noticed my forehead was pinker than usual yesterday. I told her maybe it was just sunburn, though.

Love you, Neeko......
PS - My mom used to tell my sister who took English riding lesson when she was six..."Never stand under a horse's tail even if you are wearing your helmet!"

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lieutenant Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"

Love you back Gorgeous!!! ♥♥♥
Your comments inspired me to keep going :o)

Sooo, the corrective action is that from now on, I will sit down with my Mommy and we will study the jokes together. Also we bought a very good joke book and we have three more on order soon to arrive.
I think these are going to be safe...

On a happier note, I would like to introduce to you my extended Yorkie family:

Left to right is Sasha, Harriet, Tilly, Tinker, Abbie and Jack. They are all over eight years old. Jack and Harriet are almost 15 years old.

They belong to my foster Mommy Corrine, and they all help her with babies like me, when they are in her foster care. Mama Corrine is a God sent on this earth. She cared for over 150 fosters since she took on this monumental job. Although if you ask her, it is not a job to her. She loves doing it over and over again and her whole soul is in it.
God Bless You Mama Corrine! You are forever in my heart ♥

Well, that is all for now folks. I'm going to take a nap because I learned from my new friend Amy that great things are coming out of snoozes...
She is the author of The Lipstick Laws, a young adult novel due out in the spring of 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. You can check her out @

Neeko :o)
P.S. Today's clean joke:
~ A bachelor son invited his mother over for a meal. He had just gotten two new dogs and wanted his mom to see them.
When she sat down at the table, she noticed that the dishes were the dirtiest that she had ever seen in her life.
"Have these dishes ever been washed?" she asked, running her fingers over the grit and grime.
"They are as clean as soap and water could get them", he answered.
She felt a bit apprehensive but started eating anyway.
The food was really delicious, and she said so, despite the dirty dishes.
When dinner was over, her son took the dishes, put them on the floor, whistled and yelled: "Here, Soap! Here Water!" ~