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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big, Big weekend coming up :-)

I'm sooo happy because MY Birthday is coming up...

My Big 1st Birthday! Hip Hip Hurray!
I have so many things on my agenda and I want to make sure that I do not leave anything out.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit with Danny G. He already turned 1 so I know that he will give me some pointers on what is like to be 1.
This is us celebrating his 1st Birthday...

He is my Nana's little boy so I guess that makes him my "Uncle" ;-)
Danny G. is a very enthusiastic little guy and loves life and lives it that way.
Now, some may say that he is too much of a handful but I think it's great that he is not shy about anything.
We have sooo much fun playing and I'm very happy that destiny brought us together :-)

Saturday we are leaving in the morning for the annual family picnic up in Wisconsin.
I'm told that lots of relatives come for it from all over the country and it is always great fun. This will be my 1st one. Cannot wait to meet everybody :-)
We will be coming home on Sunday right on my Birthday and the big celebration starts. Yay!
I had on my birthday wish list a Ferrari and my Daddy said sure! As soon as I'm old enough to drive... What is the age for that these days? 15???
Oh! well you gotta try at least ;-)

I have to run now because we are going to see a concert in town.
Neeko ☺

P.S. The joke of the day:
~ Willy runs in and tells his mother “You’d better come out. I’ve just knocked over the ladder at the side of the house.”
His mother says: “Go and tell your father, I’m busy.”
Willy says: “Mom he already knows, he’s hanging from the roof.”


Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

So did you finally get on Dogs with Blogs? I sent Brooke and Opy an email telling them how nice you were and what a great addition you would make. I see you have a Dogs with Blogs newsie thing, so I'm hoping you are now truly a member of the best Dog Blog club in the whole world.

Love and kisses...Mary-Margaret

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Thanks for the referral...
I'll check out Brooke and Opy :-)

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥♥♥