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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday evening turns into Sunday evening ;-)

Sooo excited about my Monday evening that turned into Sunday evening activities :-)

My parents promised that since we could not go out to dinner on Sunday due to the rain, we were going to go on Monday.

So my Mommy gets home from work, feeds us dinner because she says that we will be civil this way at the restaurant (I thought we were going out to eat...) and loads us into the car.

She gets a phone call from Daddy that the restaurant we had plans to go to, was closed on Mondays so she says that we will go to plan B which was a Greek restaurant named Opa!
I said, cool with me :-)

Then, Daddy says to her to double check the weather... She goes back into the house, while we are patiently waiting all strapped in our seats... Good thing she left the air going and the XM radio on.
She comes back and says: "Kids! They are predicting scattered T-storms by 7pm darn it! Oh well, we are going anyway!"

Finaaaally, we are on our way... ♫♫♫

Our Daddy met us there and we had a fabulous time! No T-storms whatsoever. You just cannot trust the forecast I tell you (I did say a little prayer on the way there asking God to hold back the rain clouds).

The waiter was very nice and brought us some chicken and asked if we needed a bowl of water. We politely declined because we only drink Ice Mountain bottled water from our baby bottle when we are on the road.
Our Mommy keeps it cold in a small cooler...

We also had other diners stop by our table and they were oooo-ing and aww-ing, which we are used to everywhere we go :-)

After dinner we went for a stroll in the park to work off the delicious meal.

We even had a nice size lagoon with ducks but because we were in such good mood, we did not chase after them ☺

Well, that is all for now! Tomorrow I'm going to the Spa with my Bro. Yay!!! ♫♫♫

Neeko AKA The Love bug ♥

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