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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot, hot, hot and then thunderstorms...

Well, my day started with waiting for our breakfast...
In the mornings, my Sis is very good about getting my Mommy out of her office into the kitchen but for some reason, today she was pretty laid-back about it.
I finally asked our Mommy to take a look at her because she was not moving.
She said: "Chi-Chi! why on earth are you so tired today?" She perked up immediately when she heard the word: breakfast ☻

My Bro said: "It's about time!"

We had a pretty hot day here and in the afternoon, the thunderstorms came over. I'm not bothered by them but Leo does not like loud noises and was pretty upset.
When our Mommy got home he was reeeeeally yelling at her for not being home to comfort him even though I kept telling him that everything is going to be alright. I guess that did not count 'cause I'm still a baby he said. Who is he calling a baby? he is the one afraid of T-storms.

We got in some good chasing around in the evening and when my Daddy got home I was sooo happy. I just love my parents so much; they nicknamed me "the love bug" ;-)

That's all for now, I have to go floss before bed...

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