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Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy summer days :-)

Hello, I'm baaaack!

I had two very busy days...

On Wednesday, my Bro and I went to the Spa :-)
We absolutely LOVE it there! Auntie Kim lets us roam free in her salon but we only do it when we first get there just to check out things. After we are beautified, we go and lay in our beds and watch her magic come to life with the other four-legged friends.
We want to make sure that we get a good report card when our Mommy picks us up.
Auntie Kim always compliments us for our good behavior :-)

This is how we are on our way back home:

And this is when we got back home:

On Thursday, Auntie Alicia came to our house and we helped her clean.
I'm still trying to figure it out why do we have to put ALL of our toys back in the toy bed when she comes. I would imagine she would like to play with them too...

This time around, I did not move her slippers to a different location like last time ;-)
She is very nice and she loves four-legged babies so we always like her company.
Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time she left.
My Sis on the other hand, does not even bother getting up to help like we do. She is not loosing her beauty naps over anything. What a Diva... she says because she is 14 years old, she can do anything she wants.

I'm so happy the weekend is here! Yay! We will visit with my "Uncle" Danny G.  We are best friends, about the same age and always have waaay too much fun :-)
So wish you all a great weekend, and leave you with the joke of the day:

~ “Johnny, I’ve had a letter from your Principal” said the father.

“It seems you’re very careless with your appearance.”
“Am I, Dad?”
“Yes. You haven’t appeared in school since last semester!” ~

Neeko ☺


Dozer and Coop said...

Hey Neeko,

Thanks for stopping by our blog! We like your blog, it is very pretty :) Our Mum is from Illinois (St. Charles) so loves that you are from Illinois too! I am adding you to our list of bloggy friends to visit daily so we'll be keeping our eyes on ya! Love, Cooper (Dozer is still in vlockdown).

Neeko said...

Hi you guys...
Thanks for checking in!
Dozer! Have your Mommy read my post about "Fireworks were awesome but exhausting..." where I talk about my "evil twin"
Hope you give poor Coop lots of licks and some of your treats...

Anonymous said...

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